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rising stars: Free People
Opening a working space with café house atmosphere is a long existing dream. It is a place for freelancers, internationals and friends. Feeling home and in the same time being connected to other places around the world is our target. Stay tuned and cross fingers that we meet here in 2017.
Private Project Timer
The private project timer (PPT) is a learning and useful project alike. I used latest webtechnologies and Google's BaaS firebase to try and gain experience. PPT helps freelancers to register the time they worked for a client and automatically build an invoice in the end of the month from the data.
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by Francisco de Gouveia
Wallat is a great tool to analyze all expences and income you had in the last months and year, dedicated to freelancers and for sharing costs. It is build on latest, only propraritary technologies. The progressive web app is under development. Kepsi is supporting the developer with German administration.
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Die Astronautin
Die Astronautin is an initiative to bring the first female German astronaut to space and meanwhile motivate more females to work in STEM fields. As applicant I made it to be one of the Top90 and support the initiative with different media appearances.
The Youth 4 Planet project combines the art of story telling, young people's education and drawing attention to the environmental health of the world we live in. Kepsi is doing the project management for the development of an app for film making and the supporting community. Pupils produce films about local problems and solutions. They share and learn from eachother around the globe.
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Kiddify is an international platform where kids can upload their video tutorials. They can be translated so that everyone learns from them. Unfortunately, this project was cancelled shortly for lack of investors. As CTO I worked with the founders and volunteers.
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The productionhive links freelancers and film shooting sites with tv productions. I lead the development of the prototype platform. Since this start-up is still in the creation phase, I cannot give much information here.
Cowilo is a place for entrepreneurs to refuge from the big city trouble to the nature with their team and realize their ideas. It was the first kepsi project and the business plan is still ready in the drawer. I hope to realize it one day in the future with more investment power and a motivated team. Do you want to join?
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Coming soon - Learn coding with Woman Techmaker Hamburg's new "Verein" moinworld!
Can't wait to have the link for booking here
Kepsi is part and supporter of the WomenTechmaker Community Hamburg. See you at the Meetups, looking forward to a chat with you!
The application of my Modern Dance Team LaNouvelleExpérience (LNE) gives access to our published content on Facebook and Instagram, even if you don't have an account. I gained experience in developing these hybrid applications (for Web, iOS and Android) with PhoneGap. Native versions are being planned.
My personal dram is to design jewellery (rings, necklaces, bracelets, ...) which are "smart" (connected to your phone, e.g. with an LED indicating a new message) and still small and elegant. There are enough big can-do-everything watches on the market. But I want to target thin arms with beautiful assets. If you share this dream, let's join forces since I wouldn't start this idea without a team.
If you want to grow your productivity per day, you should try to get up every morning at 5:30 and go to work right away. It is super hard but worth the effort. I found motivation in some blog article recommending it and I documented this self-experiment for a while.
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AppCamps is a non-profit organisation providing material for teachers to show kids how to program. As a volunteer mentor I participated in the AppSummerCamp 2016 and even lead a course for adults during the GDG DevFest.
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Lego Smarthome
For adults during the GDG DevFest and for pupils during the code week 2016 I developed and lead a workshop on a Lego smarthome based on Arduino and Firebase. The official host of the workshops are the Women Techmakers Hamburg. You can find material on Github for free.
Peoplebingo is an icebreaker game and we developed a mini webapplication in order to save paper and printing costs. It also proves that you can build a simple app in less than two hours. Play Peoplebingo
One of my first freelancing projects was setting up Leonies Wordpress Website for her yoga studio in Hamburg-Harburg. I taught her how to handle the homepage contents herself and since self-employed people stick together I am enjoying her morning yoga classes now. Go to website...